Snip Snip


Painting by Merrill Farnsworth



There it goes

On the floor

Oh well

Can’t sew it back on

Can’t glue it back on

Won’t ever be the same

You were used to having what you wanted

When you wanted it

Where you wanted it

So strong

So handsome

So rough

So unaware of anyone else but you

The apple of your mother’s eye

She tried to raise you right

Didn’t let you drink

Or curse

Or cut your hair

All those long glossy locks

And that body

So brawny

Drove the women crazy

That’s the one thing your mother forgot to tell you

How to treat a woman

The marriage was a disaster

Should have married a hometown girl

Instead of a foreigner

A Philistine

She made you mad and wound up with one of your friends
after your groomsmen tricked you

Which caused you to kill 30 of her father’s friends

And burn down their crops

Which inspired them to burn your father-in –law

To death

And your wife

To death

Then you got really really mad and killed all of them

It didn’t end well

For the Philistines

But you were feeling pretty good

So you went to Gaza and took up with a harlot

And while you wer messing around with her

some people who didn’t like you AT ALL!

Tried to kill you

But you killed them instead.

And by this time you’ve got a quite the reputaion

As a killer

And a man-whore

(Your poor mother)

You’re out of control



Then you meet Delilah

Whew! Watch out for that one

She’s delicious



You fall deeply


Insanely in love with her

Which is surprising because she wasn’t really your type

You prefer them helpless

She was a badass

You like them to cry in your arms

You cried in hers

You want them to worship you

You worshipped her

Day and night

Night and day

Day and night

Night and day

For weeks!

People talked

Especially your enemies –

You had lots and lots of enemies

And they were delighted to notice Delilah’s hold on you

They met with her in secret

Which wasn’t easy considering the way the two of you carried on

And offered her big money to find out the secret of your strength

Delilah was reluctant but

As a working girl she had to be practical

Because she had no husband to take care of her

No brothers or sons to take her in

And she’d heard of your reputation with women

How you’d have your way with them then

Break their hearts

Or their necks

And then go find another one

So even though you two were having fun

Delilah figured it was just a matter of time

Before you’d break her heart

Or worse

So she decided to avoid injury

And make some money

Besides the men who hired her to betray you

threatened to kill her

If she betrayed them…

So one night in bed she asks you the secret of your strength

You don’t really want to tell her

So you tease her

And tell her that if she ties you up with string you will be helpless

As a kitten

And so she ties you up

But when you wake up you break the strings

Like butter

This makes her mad and she pouts

And won’t let you touch her

Until you tell her the TRUTH

You hate to see her pout

And really really want to touch her

So you say it’s ropes, not string that will do the trick

That seems hopeful

So she goes out and gets some rope

And ties you up while you’re sleeping

Then you wake up and


You break out of them

Sturdy and strong as ever

And you give her a big smile

Like you are the best thing in the whole world

Then you’re really surprised when she starts throwing things at you

You dodge and duck thinking it’s all kind of fun

Until she kicks you out

For good

She says she never wants to see you again

And you are desperate

Which was the plan

She knows you’ll do anything to get what she’s got

And at this point you’ll tell her anything

But all she’s taking this time is THE TRUTH

Crying like a baby you tell her just what she needs to know

in Which is where we come

The Scissor Sisters

Extra sharp

And while you sleep







You wake up

Your beautiful hair all over the floor

You are weak as an infant

Your enemies gloat

They tie you up with ropes so you can’t move

They Stab out your eyes so you can’t see

All this pain and humiliation and all you want

Is to touch Delilah one last time

She takes your hand

Places your palm on her cheek

And possibly


Could there be?

A single tear in her eye as she wonders

If you really would have broken her heart

Maybe you  really loved her

And would have taken care of her


Then she counts out the money they gave her

As they take you away and make you their slave

Your enemies are laughing now

But don’t worry – you’ll get them back!

Just pull down the temple on top their Philistine heads

And die a hero!

As to what’s happens to Delilah

All we’re saying

Is keep one eye open

While you lay sleeping











About Merrill Farnsworth

Merrill was declared a poet in 6th grade by Sister Mary McDonald and kept writing. In addition to being named an ASCAP songwriter of the year for her work with Michelle Tumes on the single, Heaven’s Heart, she has written lyrics for various artists, worked on animation projects for Sony Wonder and Columbia Pictures and written numerous stage, video and radio scripts. Her current project is a collection of stories and paintings titled Jezebel’s got the Blues…and other works of imagination (slated to be published in 2012). This work has been performed several times with an outstanding cast that includes performances by Chip Arnold, Bonnie Keen, Nan Gurley, Robert Kiefer, Jon Royal and features the blues guitar of Phil Madeira. She collaborated with Phil on his new project Mercyland, which features artists Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Shawn Mullins, The Civil Wars and others. She is also in the early stages of working with writer and actor Chip Arnold on a new musical. Along the way, Merrill has discovered the healing power of art in her own life and now integrates the arts into her work as a therapist. After earning a graduate degree in developmental psychology from Vanderbilt University in 2000, She has created Writing Circles to help others discover the healing power within their own authentic voices. Merrill has worked as a therapist in corporate, clinical and educational settings. She currently has a private practice on 21st Avenue near Hillsboro village, where she works with groups and individuals. For more information contact her at or visit -- Merrill Farnsworth, LPC, MHSP Convent Place (formerly St. Bernard's Convent) 2021 21st Avenue South, 430 Nashville, TN 37212
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